About BIM Infotech

We are the BIM Infotech solutions that aim to excel in the sectors of architecture, building and engineering. BIM Infotech uses the latest technological tools for the businesses and projects to flourish in the future. Our motive is to deliver the highest and best quality services from our expanded range of services in the design and modelling construction with on-time execution and efficient class. We measure our progress according to our client’s satisfaction by recognizing the discrepancies before the construction with the best set of professionals dedicated towards a positive work culture.

At BIM Infotech

  • We emphasize on the pre-construction planning and management for a perfect error-less project
  • We introduce smart ways to tackle, organise, track and resolve the vital elements of a project.
  • Our team is well-aware of the skills and standards of work execution and dedicatedly work together to deliver the best.
  • We work on a global scale and therefore maintain an excellent communication network for the comfort of all our clients to keep them updated of their projects.
  • Adhering to the breaches and privacy issues, we have a strong norm for data security and we function in the most transparent and interactive way.
  • Client satisfaction is our everyday priority.
Work Process


Best of Services
Best of Services

We develop a lasting connection with customers based on symbiotic growth and respect. We have earned 132+ satisfied clients across the world through BIM services. BIM implementation helps our clients collect projects in a practical environment for recognising and fixing possible problems before construction.

Operative Teamwork, Productivity & Cost Savings
Operative Teamwork, Productivity & Cost Savings

Construction experts can cater information with our 3D BIM visualization among all stakeholders for smart decision-making during design and pre-construction period. They gain profitability by excluding work stoppages and rework. We cross-check the accuracy and completeness of drawings before starting construction on-site/off-site.

Strengthening Technical Team
Strengthening Technical Team

We work with latest technologies to overcome all professional footraces and perform effectively for our clients. We make use of the recent technology like Revit, AutoCAD, Advance Steel, BIM 360 Collaboration, Bluebeam and more.

Quality Check
Quality Check

Experienced team of professionals and considerable backup support for ensuring quality.


  • Executed 363+ landmark BIM projects across industries including Airports Expansion, Hospitals, High Rise Building, University, Residential Apartment, Parking Garage, Warehouse, Office Building and more.
  • Delivered projects in New York, California, Florida, St. Louis, San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, Europe, Australia and other places.
  • Accredited by 132+ clients in over 16+ countries.
  • Empowered with more than 10 years of expertise in-house BIM Professionals.
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